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Do not be a bystander

Do not be a bystander

The Economist Businesswomen Club held its last networking Breakfast for the year 2016 on 11 November at Arebbusch Travel Lodge, with guest speaker Mandy Lebides, a Designer and Facilitator of Learning Intervention, who specializes in organizational change and is also an inspirer of note and a passionate writer.
Mandy talked on “Growing Exponential Leaders: How do we create 21c excellence in an exponential world”, where she outlined some of the latest developments in exponential technologies.
“As a leader you should be passionate about something, be good at something, have something that the world needs, which people will be willing to pay you for,” advised Mandy. She stated that every industry that exists today is about to be disrupted, and that is not a bad thing because disruption brings about abundance.
She asked the ladies a vital question on how they will show up in a world where they will no longer be required to have answers, how will they find meaning in themselves if they no longer need to work to pay the bill? “With technology moving so fast 67% of Africans will lose their jobs in the next five years,” she added. Therefore she advised that new skills like being able to access information, to collaborate and network, to adapt and have courage and resilience as well as the ability to break the rules.
Mandy also encouraged the ladies to have goals that seem out of reach and look like they can never be obtained, which she called a ‘moonshot’. “My moonshot is to change the lives of 1 billion people through education, therefore I encourage each and everyone of you to have a moonshot,” she added.
“We can not afford to be bystanders in this day and age and there is no room for mediocrity, only excellence,” she concluded.
The Businesswomen club provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise, through planned networking and it aims to encourage the personal development and management skills of its members and to advance the standing power of women. The Breakfast was sponsored by Telecom Namibia, Bank Windhoek and Jaguar.

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