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Empowering people is my business

Empowering people is my business

“We obtain assignments from clients to facilitate the activities of skill transfer and poverty eradication, to provide a vehicle that empowers women and men to better their lives through skill creation and gainful employment,” said Mathilde Taati Ishitile explaining her business, White Feather Creations and Deco cc.
Her joy lies in empowering people and being able to give back to others, watch them grow and develop, therefore she always strives to do her best and to do even better tomorrow. “I joined the Katuka Mentership Program as a mentor this year and was assigned to a mentee who is a qualified Civil Engineer, but she decided to start a hair saloon to find her true calling, even though the business proved to be a greater challenge than was expected, she took my advice to return to her profession and therefore today she is happily employed, while running her salon part-time,” added Mathilde.
Mathilde advised young business women to start with small steps, to learn as much as they can, to apply what they have learned, to build meaningful relationships, to find mentors that they can grow with and trust and to seek and find their dreams.
Mathilde said she gets her entrepreneurial spirit from her mother who is to this day still running a business at the age of 68. “My mother provides me with the initial inspiration, but first and foremost God looks over me,” she emphasized.
She says even though she faces challenges, with every challenge there is an opportunity. “One of the challenges is meeting deadlines, and this means one needs to be behind the team, supporting them in order to meet deadlines.”
Mathilde is currently developing and expanding a women empowerment program for those living in rural areas, she is teaming up with TLC Outreach Namibia and together they are creating and developing new synergies.
She appreciated the support that she has received from Institutions, Ministries and Organizations, especially when she was chosen to attend African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) Africa Exchange through the United States of America Department of State’s International Leadership Program (IVLP) supported and facilitated by the American Embassy in Namibia.

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