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Written Learner’s Licence will not be stopped – Roads Authority

The Road Authority has warned the public that information being spread about the discontinuation of the Learners Licence Testing Method this Friday, is false.
According to a statement issued on Thursday by the company’s corporate communication manager, Hileni Fillemon, this false information has caused an unusual number of applicants for the learners licence at NaTIS Valley.
“The Roads Authority herewith wishes to inform the public that the Written Learner’s Licence testing method will not be stopped. Our objective, when we introduced the written testing method, was to test more applicants per day and to curb corruption,” she said.
She said, Roads Authority have reached its objective and are finalising logistics to secure a bigger venue which will enable the company to test more applicants per day whilst waiting for the finalisation of the Second Testing Centre in the Otjomuise/Khomasdal area.
She also indicated, that the company is also working on introducing the written Learners Licence in other regions in the near future.
“Therefore, please take note that the information is false and the public must refrain from taking action based on rumours. We would, therefore, like to urge members of the public to only act on official information from the Roads Authority,” she added.
She said that the company will communicate any changes to its system or operations which affect its customers via the media.
“Furthermore the Roads Authority is pleased to announce that NaTIS Valley is now open during lunch hour.  In conclusion, we would like to appeal to the public to remain patient while we are exploring all avenues to make our services at NaTIS Valley more efficient and effective”.

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