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Bank Windhoek hosted chess tournament in Rehoboth

Bank Windhoek hosted chess tournament in Rehoboth

Rehoboth witnessed a clash of minds as the Bank Windhoek 2024 Open Chess Championships Grand Prix Leg 3 unfolded at Dr. Lemmer High School.

With 44 participants competing across various sections, the tournament held last weekend provided a stage for strategic brilliance and intense battles on the chessboard.

From seasoned players to promising newcomers, competitors brought their A-game to the tournament, vying for victory in the open, women’s, junior, and cadet sections. The event, held in the school hall, promised a weekend filled with competitive fervor and intellectual stimulation.

In the Open Section, Lazarus Shatimpambam, Israel Shilongo, and William Husselmann clinched the top three positions, while Anna Moongo, Naletti Nasilele, and Tracey-Lee Beukes emerged victorious in the Women’s Section. The Junior Section saw Heita, Muundjua Mbahimwa, and Tarius Neib securing the top spots, while John van Zyl, Kaino Moongo, and Tanatswanshe Katsvara dominated the Cadet section.

Sponsored by Bank Windhoek and sanctioned by the International Chess Federation (FIDE), the Rehoboth Open Chess Championships Grand Prix Leg 3 marked a significant milestone as the first of its kind in Rehoboth. FIDE-rated events like these enable players to integrate into the international chess community and aspire to professional chess careers.

The tournament kicked off with great anticipation as players geared up to face the challenges of the chessboard. As the games progressed, spectators were treated to displays of strategic mastery, with players showcasing their tactical prowess. Each move was met with eager anticipation as knights, bishops, and rooks maneuvered across the board.

Goodwill Khoa, President of the Namibia Chess Federation (NCF), expressed his satisfaction with the growth of chess in Namibia. He highlighted the positive impact of international ratings, noting the increasing professionalism and youth participation in the sport. “Playing chess has become a favored pursuit among the youth,” he remarked.

Players at the championship received FIDE IDs, opening doors to international ratings and providing a platform to monitor their progress. Local player Reinold Neib obtained his first rating during the event, marking the beginning of his chess journey and enabling him to track his development in the sport.


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