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Every tree helps clean the air

Every tree helps clean the air

Tsumeb’s smelter operator, Dundee Precious Metals recently joined the residents of the garden town to distribute a large number of trees and other green plants to celeberate international Arbor Day.
Arbor is latin for tree and this day is celebrated worldwide annually to make people realise the paramount importance of trees to maintain a healthy environment.
Dundee’s environmental team celebrated the day, with demonstrations that showcased the importance of nature and animals. Trees were planted at two old age homes, at the SOS Children’s Village in Tsumeb as well as the Dundee site.
“Trees help cleanse the air through absorbing carbon dioxide, pollutants and giving off oxygen, they also provide windbreaks as well as reduce run-off and soil erosion. Planting trees today will ensure that future generations will benefit long after we are gone. Taking care of our environment and planting trees should not only fall on Arbor Day, because we use our lungs everyday” said Nico Potgieter, Dundee’s Environment and Health Manager.
“Our beautiful Namibia is a semi-arid country and prone to deforestation and veld fires. This is especially true for our northern regions where trees are used as building materials and fuel sources. It is therefore crucial that we care for our environment and plant trees as often as possible” said Dundee’s Events Coordinator, Elizabeth Mutota. Matron Magdalena Neises from Nomstoub Old Age home thanked Dundee for making time to celebrate Arbor Day. “Mother Nature needs our help and with the summer getting hotter one truly needs to plant more trees for shade” she said.

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