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Always baking with confidence – Bakpro

Always baking with confidence – Bakpro

The darling of every Namibian mother, Bakpro wheat flour was born in 1986. Thirty years later it is still the most trusted flour for every baker, chef, caregiver and of course, housewife. Bakpro is a Namibian icon, its logo deserving a spot in the gallery of true Namibiana.
Last week on 25 October, Namib Mills celebrated 30 years of baking excellence with Bakpro.
Ian Collard, the CEO of Namib Mills stated, “The Bakpro brand is one that was started by our customers when back in 1986 we held a competition to find a name for the new brand.
When all the entries were in, Pieter van Niekerk, the owner of Namib Mills and Leon Conradie, the MD at the time, decided on the name Bakpro. The winning entry was from Nuwe Welkom Spar in Keetmanshoop, who won R4500 prize money. The actual name Bakpro was derived from “Bak Proe”, which was a name thought of by Hennie’s son in law, Willem Olive.”
“From this particular moment the ideology of the brand represented a close bond with our customers, which has never changed. As we continue to develop and expand our capabilities in providing Namibia consistent quality, our wheat mills are maintained to international standards and our quality control laboratories ensure that the wheat flour produced meets the required bakery standards” he boasted.
Namib Mills also announced that it will expand its capacity again with a brand new Buhler mill, to be commissioned at the beginning of 2018.
At the same event, Namib Mills unveiled the new Bakpro packaging. Collard explained to the guests “Our updated packaging visually enhances our customers’ experiences while still providing the same trusted Bakpro quality. Our new look is designed to assist customers to easily identify the unmistakeable Bakpro quality on store shelves nationwide.” “As Bakpro is the main brand name, under which Namib Mills supplies wheat flour, we are very proud of our brand and everything she has achieved. May we continue providing baked memories and may you continue baking with confidence” he concluded.

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