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Sound lifting equipment helps mine safety

The lives of miners often literally hang on a rope therefore the integrity and the strength of that rope is a key component of safety. Similarly, when cargo must be secured or heavy objects lifted, reliability is a key concern. Ropetech was established in 2004 as a Namibian company to fill a niche in the Namibian lifting equipment market, to manufacture webbing slings and transport tie downs.
Managing Member, Fanie Bredenkamp said the company has since expanded to specialise in lifting equipment and relevant products and to work towards a safer workplace and workforce and to stop the influx of sub standard products into Namibia and on the local marketplace. “Our product range comprises mainly certified steel wire ropes, chain, webbing products for lifting and pulling as well as a full range of federal specification fittings. We supply SANS compliant chain and lever blocks as well as all types of natural and synthetic ropes including the latest in Kevlar technology.”
“Our current staff has more than 30 years combined expertise in lifting and lifting equipment and our tertiary qualifications include Civil Engineering and Business Management. Our workshop staff has more than ten years expertise in assembling and manufacturing of webbing, steel wire rope and chain slings. We see ourselves as leaders in our field in Namibia, and render a professional service as well as a safe quality products” Bredenkamp said.
He continues: “As there are few products in our product range, if any, produced in Namibia we must thus import almost everything. We are proud to say that all products from our suppliers conform to ISO, BS and/or SANS. We are TESEF and BEE compliant and have a 45.9% grading.” On the demand for certification of products, Bredenkamp said ithas risen to the extent that “we manufacture webbing slings to SANS 94/1 and each sling has its unique serial number an certification.” “We are proactive in our approach to safe lifting procedures and can proudly say that we are the most experienced safe lifting professionals in Namibia and registered as an Authorised Inspection Authority.  “

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