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Golfers raise funds for Tsumeb

Golfers raise funds for Tsumeb

Dundee Precious Metals last month hosted a Golf Fun Day fundraiser, at the Tsumeb Golf Course. The event is annually held with an aim of generating funds for the Tsumeb Community trust. The golfing event marked a 6th for the annual fundraiser, attracting players from all corners of the country with some who travelled from South Africa. A total of N$175,500 was raised and will be used to pay for community improvement projects. The winners Circle. (bottom right) the 2016 Annual Golf Fun Day winners, permanent contractor Crossroad golfers pose for a picture with Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb Vice President and Managing Director-Zebra Kasete, Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises and former Mayor of Tsumeb-Engel Nawatiseb, current Mayor of Tsumeb, Veueza Kasiringua, as well as former Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb Vice President and General Manager, Hans Nolte.

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