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Engineering, key area for Namibia-China co-operation

Engineering, key area for Namibia-China co-operation

Two students, earlier this week jetted off to China to start their five-year study at the renowned Hohaii University. The two students, Oiva Wilbardt from Ondangwa and Martino Swartz from Okahandja will spend the first year studying the Chinese language Mandarin before embarking on a four-year civil engineering degree. At a departure ceremony held at the Chinese Embassy, Wei Wu, the Acting Ambassador said that harbour engineering is one of the key areas of Namibia-China co-operation. “Namibia is well-positioned as being at the cross-roads of SADC’s development and the NamPort’s expansion project will greatly enhance Namibia’s trade potential.” He urged the students to serve as goodwill ambassadors between the two countries’ during their stay in China. He further acknowledged China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) for its generous awarding of these two full scholarships and encouraged other Chinese companies in the country to follow suit. The scholarships include full tuition costs coverage, accommodation, two return flights to Namibia per year and a living allowance of RMB 2000, approximately N$ 4,500 per month. In the picture, CHEC’s Communications Strategist, Usi //Hoebeb; CHEC’s Dep.Project Manager, Xu Yuqing; recipient students Oivo Willbradt and Martino Swart and Acting Ambassador Wei Wu.

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