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Mobile and digital marketing at your doorstep

Mobile and digital marketing at your doorstep

An innovation agency, IMDM Namibia aims to bring cutting edge mobile and digital marketing products and strategy to all brands landed and started operations in Windhoek on 1 June after originally being based in South Africa.
Paulo Coelho, Managing Director of IMDM Namibia said he is proud to be associated with IMDM South Africa and he is even more proud to bring its level of skill and innovation to his home country Namibia.
“We live what we say, we bring innovative technology to the table that offers brands real return on investment, therefore I am really looking forward to introducing this way of thinking to local brands and agencies,” said Coelho.
IMDM stated that their mantra is to make all things mobile and digital accessible and affordable to all, from start ups to multinational blue-chip organisations, therefore working to improve consumer engagement, experience and marketing return on investment through technology such as Zappar, the world’s most cutting edge augmented reality tool.
The agency, plans on working hard to establish itself as one of Namibia’s most innovative marketing agencies, bringing technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, data transfer through sound and so much more to the local market.
They will also offer support in the form of online reputation management, marketing and social media content, applications development, graphic design and some of the market’s most competitive rates in terms of Bulk SMS, SMS with attachment and mobile brochures.
IMDM is split into four divisions, IMDM Mobile, IMDM Digital, IMDM Innovation and IMDM Experiential, all of which will now have real presentation in Namibia.

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