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Solistor Cheelo, Tourism Promotions Manager for the Zambian Tourism Board. (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Solistor Cheelo, Tourism Promotions Manager for the Zambian Tourism Board. (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Home to half of the Victoria Falls, the wild Zambezi River, breath taking lakes and abundant wildlife, Zambia offers a truly authentic African holiday experience. Although not as popular as Zimbabwe, the Zambian Tourism Board, makes a great show of the fact that they share many of the former’s well-known sites, just from the opposite side of the river. Zambians are fond of saying “the only thing that gets spoiled is you.”
Livingstone, the country’s tourist capital and gateway to Victoria Falls, offers cultural and historical experiences and adventure activities such as white-water rafting, horse back trails, bunji jumping and helicopter flights above the Victoria Falls.
As part of the Zambian promotion at the Tourism Expo, one lucky visitor won a trip to this fabulous country. The prize is sponsored by the Zambian Tourism Board, which has for the past five years joined the Tourism Expo to develop regional synergies for Namibian visitors.
Now with direct flights from Namibia to Zambia, visitors can have access to all of Zambia’s pleasures faster. “Zambian Tourism Board provides tours and accommodation for tourists wanting to travel to Zambia,” says Solistor Cheelo, Tourism Promotions Manager for Zambia Tourism Board.
Cheelo says that the Namibian tourism industry is a growing market especially with the German tourists, which according to him are most influential when it comes to any tourism industry in Sub-Sahara Africa “We want to tap into the German market but the general public should also come and explore Zambia,” Cheelo added.
The feedback that  the Zambian Tourism Board gets from the expo is huge and according to Cheelo, this year’s expo was indeed better because the direct response they got is excellent. He says that the Board receives many emails from people who have travelled to Zambia or have visited their stand at the expo. “The Namibian Tourism Expo is growing and can only get better each year,” said Cheelo.

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