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“Taste the Feeling” – Coke launches new global campaign

“Taste the Feeling” – Coke launches new global campaign

Adding colour to the local launch of Coca Cola’s new international campaign, are from the left, the advertising models, Marelisha Mouton and Elizabeth Hamurenga with Ms Tamara Mbulo, the Marketing Activities Manager of Coca Cola, Mr Maguire Moulder the Marketing Manager of Namibia Coca Cola Bottling company, and two more models, Rosalia Amupolu and Hazel Kays. The new and exciting campaign uses a unique approach that leverages universal storytelling through Instagram-inspired imagery to market the wide range of Coca Cola products under one marketing strategy, ‘Taste the feeling’. “More than ever, we recognize people want their Coca Cola in different ways. Whichever one they choose, they want a Coca Cola drink with great taste and uplifting refreshment. Through our ‘One Brand’ strategy we will move away from multiple brand campaigns to one single iconic campaign that celebrates both the product and the brand.” said Moulder. The campaign’s soundtrack is produced by acclaimed musician, Conrad Sewell. (Photograph by Zorena Jantze)

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