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Tobias endorsed as leading promoter

The World Boxing Organization Vice Chairperson for Africa and Asia, Samir Captan, has endorsed the MTC Sunshine Promotions and its Promoter, Nestor Tobias, as the leading Promoter in Africa.
“We are very happy with the manner in which the MTC Sunshine Promotions manages their affairs, always professional, and I can confidently say that Mr Tobias and the MTC Nestor Sunshine Promotions are without a doubt the leading promoter in Africa at the moment,” said Captan.
Captan, made the remarks at a face off day prior to a series of fights dubbed “No Mercy Part 5”, organized by MTC Sunshine Academy which saw Paulus Hitman Moses defeat South African Thomson Mokwana, to claim the title of the new WBO Africa Lightweight champion.
“I know it is extremely difficult to organize boxing fights as a promoter because it is very expensive and the promoter is responsible for all cost. Putting 5 title fights on one card does not happen often, and not many promoters around the world can achieve what the MTC Sunshine Promotions are achieving, and this is therefore commendable,” said Captan.
“I am extremely humbled by the remarks from the WBO. The MTC Sunshine Academy has worked very closely with the WBO for many years now, and you would recall that the MTC Sunshine Academy was honoured with the “Best Promoter in Africa” award for 3 consecutive years which speaks volumes of the quality and depth we have and we can only thank our main sponsor MTC and the fans for the support we have enjoyed from all stakeholders over the years, boxing is an expensive sport, but also a very exciting one and we will therefore continue to promote the sport in the interest of the boys and the country,” said Tobias.
Meanwhile, the annual WBO Convention is scheduled to take place in Puerto Rico in September 2016.

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