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Namibia and SA Brewers collaborate

Namibia and SA Brewers collaborate

Master Brewer, Christian Müller of Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) was ecstatic a fort-night ago, when he had the opportunity to do a collaboration brew with award-winning South African brewer, Paul de Beer. This special occasion came about after Müller and his team recently attended a brewing conference in the neighbouring country, which saw de Beer crowned as a top brewer, and resulted to an invitation to Namibia, to brew a beer with Müller. Award-winning South African brewer, Paul de Beer (right) last week joined Namibia Breweries Master Brewer, Christian Müller (second from right) for a special collaboration brew at the Brewer & Butcher, Strand Hotel Swakopmund. They are joined by the NBL brewing team that assisted in the brewing of a special beer by the two brew masters. F.L.T.R. are Roan Myburgh, Ronn Rittmann and Stephan Koepp.

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