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Windhoek Light Wild Trail this weekend

Windhoek Light Wild Trail this weekend

Windhoek Light together with Otb Sport and Midgard Country Lodge are hosting the third edition of the Windhoek Wild Trail on Sunday.
Participants have a choice of an 8km or 16km trail in the picturesque mountains that are the source of the Swakopmund River. Early this week, Otb Sport’s Yvonne Brinkmann said they had difficulty in finalising the strenuous routes, having to determine the GPS coordinates first before the trails could be mapped. She was speaking from Midgard where the Otb team was making the final preparations for this weekend’s big event.
Earlier this week OTB Sport said, “We expect around 300 entries. Trail events are becoming increasingly popular across the globe and in Namibia where there is so much to offer in terms of unspoilt wilderness right on our doorsteps. It is also a low maintenance sport that family and friends as well as the competitive athlete can enjoy”.
Both distances are a combination of jeep track, single track, cattle paths and no-track. The routes have been designed specifically for the event, with hard climbs, scrambles, variety and beautiful views.
In trail runs participants are usually self sufficient for hydration and nutrition, but as trail events are relatively new in Namibia and OTB sport wants to grow the sport and encourage young people there will be one water table on each route.
The 8km starts at 8.30 and the 16km at 9.00. “After your trail you will be able to enjoy some cold Windhoek beer as well as a build a burger lunch” Otb Sport said.

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