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Cosafa referees to sharpen their skills

With the 2016 Cosafa Castle Cup preparations in full swing, the COSAFA Referees Committee will be hosting a three-day Referees Pre-Tournament Course in Windhoek from 7 June to ensure that match officials are in top shape and updated for their part in making the tournament a great spectacle.
Namibia host Cosafa Castle Cup from 11 to 25 June in Windhoek and the regional football body’s referees committee under the chairmanship of Namibia’s John Muinjo will be hosting a workshop for the match officials from 7-9 June to prepare them for the prestigious tournament that will see 14 countries vie for regional honours.
According to Muinjo the workshop will cover issued such as integrated training sessions, revised Laws of the Game 2016-2017, tactical approach-The modern Game as well as Fitness Tests.
“ All the guys that will be in part of the competition will attend this course so that they know what is expected of them and to assess their fitness levels and as well knowledge with regard to the updated laws of the game,” Muinjo said.
Muinjo added that Referees monitoring will continue on a daily basis during the tournament as Referees will be debriefed every morning after the game to correct the mistakes they would have made and prepare them for the games ahead. “There will be an IT Instructor to prepare material with clips from the game for debriefing sessions. Referees found to be below par at this tournament are normally being sent home because at this level the combination of experience, talent and effort are key, referees are crucial and their decision will make this competition,” said Muinjo.
Namibian Referees and Assistants who are not part of the tournament will be invited to attend the Pre-Tournament workshop and practicals for them to benefit as this would be a legacy and chance to be grabbed with both hands while a Namibian Physical instructor will be used at the tournament too.

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