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Businesses lack branding initiative

Businesses lack branding initiative

The African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) in collaboration with several other organisations organised its ARIPO roving seminar on Intellectual Property (IP) from 16 to 17 May in Windhoek, were they stressed that businesses underestimate the power of branding.
The Director General of ARIPO, Fernando dos Santos, in his opening remarks appreciated efforts made by the government with support it provides to ARIPO.
The Director General advised businesses to make use of IP systems as a tool for economic development for implementation of the Harambee Prosperity Plan. In particular he highlighted that one of the pillars of the plan is related to the economic transformation of the country, which is based on adding value to local products and services and Intellectual property can play a role in that regard.
At the seminar, Ainna Vilengi Kaundu, Head of Industrial Property Rights, (MITSMED) urged businesses to ask themselves “why do you exist?” and work their branding strategy towards that, further making examples of Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) using already branded names such as (Facebook Bar) being unoriginal.
The objectives of the seminar included creating general awareness on Intellectual Property (IP), equip participants with strategies to exploit IP as a tool to eradicate poverty, create employment and accelerate economic growth in Namibia; and provide an overview of the IP Legal and Institutional Framework both at National and Regional level.
A total of 95 participants drawn from the public and private sectors, judiciary, academic and research institutions and industry attended the workshop.
Gabriel Sinimbo, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Developments officially opened the Seminar were he urged the participants to take advantage of the seminar to enhance IP rights for promoting the Harambee Prosperity Plan through the Intellectual property for the benefit of the locals.

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