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PowerCom commences with tower construction in four remote areas

PowerCom commences with tower construction in four remote areas

PowerCom recently commenced with the construction of four new towers, located in Eenghodi, Ncaute, Onkani and Kupferquelle, as part of the 22 towers planned in 2021.

Investment in the towers will come to approximately N$5, 394, 000 and upon completion will offer services to a diverse array of industries, including but not limited to telecommunication operators (fixed and mobile), broadcasters, internet service providers, the transport sector including rail and aviation, security sector, farmers and municipalities.

According to PowerCom’s CEO, Alisa Amupolo, the company has aligned itself with the growth of these towns and rural villages and has responded to growth demands of its inhabitants in as far as connectivity is concerned.

“By providing these infrastructures, it means individuals and businesses can communicate and facilitate business, furthermore, adding value to our country’s economic growth,” Amupolo said.

Amupolo added that COVID-19 has affected every area of life for the average Namibian, from work, leisure and community involvement to parenting and school. She put emphases on prioritizing the need for connectivity, incongruence with the new normal and digital lifestyles especially during this pandemic. She explained that by providing these infrastructures, individual end users, businesses, hospitals, schools, universities, can continue communicating and facilitating business remotely.

“The pandemic which is still in our midst has placed demands for new infrastructure to accelerate coverage and capacity challenges, and thus the need to complete the towers as soon as possible,” she added.

The new towers are expected to be completed by end of April 2021.


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