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Vandalism disrupts communication services – Omakange tower’s solar panels damaged

Vandalism disrupts communication services –  Omakange tower’s solar panels damaged

Instances of vandalism persistently disrupt service delivery in the telecommunications sector, causing significant setbacks.

MTC, a key player in digital services, expressed dismay over unlawful activities undermining their efforts to ensure quality connectivity for all citizens. This concern arose following the recent vandalism of one of their network masts in the Omusati Kunene region.

The affected site, Omakange, a 48-metre solar-powered location in Ruacana Constituency, serves vital areas in the Kunene and Omusati regions, including Otjombura, Okozoserandu, Okaholo, and Amaupa Primary School.

John Ekongo, MTC’s Communications Manager, emphasized the adverse impact of such criminal acts on service provision, hindering social and economic development.

“Connectivity is a cornerstone of economic activities, and vandalism disrupts infrastructure and equipment, directly impacting economic productivity. In this recent incident, vandals damaged solar panels with rocks/bricks, causing power shortages at the site. Repairing the damage forces us to divert resources, delaying the establishment of new sites in underserved areas,” he said.

Ekongo highlighted the repercussions of stealing equipment in areas lacking power supply, leaving communities unable to make crucial emergency calls to authorities like the police or ambulance services.

“We strongly warn that those found guilty will face legal consequences. We’re committed to enhancing protective measures against break-ins and vandalism. We urge citizens and traditional authorities to aid in community policing and safeguarding these crucial infrastructures,” he concluded.


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