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SPCA helps ECU-line rebrand

SPCA helps  ECU-line rebrand

Shipping line company, ECU-line challenged its staff, suppliers, clients and other companies to donate pet food to support the SPCA in Walvis Bay and Windhoek, as part of a charity drive to raise awareness of the company’s rebranding campaign
“We are very pleased with the result,” said Monique Marais of ECU-line. “The response was overwhelming! We are eternally grateful for the many businesses, clients, suppliers and individuals who opened their hearts and gave generously to the campaign. We delivered the food, blankets and detergents to the two SPCA branches last week.”
Guan Packaging supplied the cartons that were placed at various participating businesses and retailers. Said Marais “This campaign was ostensibly aimed at relaunching ECU-line brand as ECU Worldwide in the country and to market its extended services. The positive spin-off of this was the unexpectedly generous donation of the pet food, cleaning materials, toys, blankets and even chocolates for the SPCA staff. A big thank you to the public, business and clients for their support.” The total value of food and goods donated is estimated to be more than N$30,000.
On the international front, ECU Worldwide Executive Chairman Shashi Kiran Shetty said, “The name ECU-Worldwide heralds the start of a new chapter. Our new identity is committed to consistently creating value for customers by providing best-in-class services across continents. The integration of new services, technology, global best practices and professional expertise shall re-define the brand experience for our stakeholders.” The rebranding, ECU-line said, changes the perception of the organisation from just being a port-to-port operator to one that can offer end-to-end services.

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