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Global United Climate Kick underway

Global United Climate Kick underway

FNB Namibia launched the 2016 FNB Global United Climate Kick that is expected to kick off this week in Katima with the highlight of the big match on Saturday afternoon at 16:00.
Chief Marketing Officer of the FNB Group Tracy Eagles said that the bank had been involved with this environmental initiative for the past six years and this year committed an amount of N$500,000 to ensure that awareness was raised about the planet and the importance of preservation through the global message of football.
She added: “Our strategy is based on 4 Ps of which one is the planet which includes the development and protection of our environment. We are cognizant of the fact that we need to give back to Mother Earth what we take out and thus the focus this year in Katima Mulilo is tree planting and emphasis on the messages of re-using, reducing of our footprint and recycling. Through the wonderful game of football we wish to carry this important message while at the same time enjoying the skills that the international legends bring to us while also uplifting the game for our local football players.” She invited everyone to come and watch the big game this Saturday at to see the Global United and Katima legends in action.
Lolo Goraseb, trustee of Global United Namibia thanked FNB Namibia as main sponsor and advised that the whole of Katima was extremely excited to host the international and local legends from Thursday.
“For the past seven years we have been giving back to the community and teaching them about the importance of looking after our only planet. The regional council and town council are all on board and the Ministry of Agriculture has donated 10 Moringa trees for us to plant. We will also assist in clean-up campaigns with the community in the city centre,” he said.
Meanwhile, Collin Benjamin, who has returned to Namibia after 18 years in Germany is also joining the FNB Global United Climate Kick for the second time.
The Global United Football Club Namibia started in 2010. The 2010 event was used as a forerunner to the Soccer World Cup hosted in neighbouring South Africa.

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