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Original township Jazz comes to the music awards stage

Original township Jazz comes to the music awards stage

Music lovers will get the special opportunity to experience the Original Jazz Masters (OJM) this year at the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA) on 29 April 2016. This eccentric Jazz group will also be inducted in the music hall of fame with a NAMA Lifetime Achievement honour.
Tim Ekandjo, the NAMA Executive Chairperson said they are deserving of this honour and while some of the members are of advanced age, the NAMA committee is impressed that they are still an active band dedicating their lives to music. “It is therefore fit to honour them while they are still alive” he said.
The Original Jazz Masters are the oldest band in the country having started music in the 40’s and 50’s in the Old Location before the last forced removal to Katutura in 1968. The band comprises Joseph Petrus “Ou Gorab” //Hoeseb, Accordion, Stephanus “Kookwater” //Hoebeb, Tenor Saxophone/Banjo, Andreas Gustaf “Kuta” Kavandje, Bass/Double Bass, Frederick Ndiripunye “Karietjie” Kamburute, Alto Saxophone, Reinhardt “Toto” Muinjo, Drums/Percussion, Immanuel “Mannetjie” Shivute, Rhythm Guitar and Nghidipo Nangolo, Producer and Manager.
Township jazz and jazz genres have become popular in the local music scene and the Masters have played a major role as a source of inspiration for jazz musicians of almost three generations. Time has also eluded OJM members and this is the last opportunity to cement their legacy and give the mantle to upcoming musicians to run with as a token of appreciation to the legends of township music.
The band has released two albums, Dakotas in 2006 and Benguela Breeze in 2009, both produced by Nghidipo Nangolo. Showing their mettle and their musical stamina, the band is currently recording their third album due for release later this year.

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