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Film takes critical look at Africa

MC-Lions-point-of-viewAfricAvenir is showcasing a fascinating tale at Studio 77 on Saturday 26 May as part of commemorating Africa Day. The tale revolves around what Africa has achieved.
“Fifty years of independence and they promised us happiness and prosperity. But still young  Africans climb into simple wooden boats to cross the desert and sea towards Eldorado. Why? What are the reasons and how did it come this far?” These are questions asked in Didier Awadi’s ‘Lions point of view’.
In the film, Awadi interviews ex presidents and ministers, important UN officials, writers, artists, lay migrants and refugees. All these people analyse the situation of their continent and the result is a decidedly Pan-African, deliberately subjective and revolutionary documentary whose power of impact leaves little to be desired.
Awadi, who directs the film, is undoubtedly the most visible figure of French-speaking African rap. He has shown his sense of Pan Africanism, tackling a host of crucial issues such as debt, a dilapidated heritage and political tensions.
On 1 April 2010, during the 50 Th anniversary of the Independence of Senegal, Awadi released his multidisciplinary project Presidents d’ Afrique (Presidents of Africa) which he had been working on for seven years.
The film also features AU commissioner for social affairs, Bience Philomina Gawanas.
The film will be shown at Studio 77 on 26 May, at 19h00. Entrance is N$30.

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