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RMB sponsors grassroot riders

RMB sponsors grassroot riders

RMB Namibia, through the FNB Namibia Foundation Trust, sponsored an amount of N$104,000 for the ongoing Early Rider Development BMX programme for the Namibian Cycling Federation (NCF). Part of the funds were used to host an event in Okahandja at the end of February 2016.
Having held a successful race day in Omuthiya in January already, NCF teamed up with PAY Okahandja, the Jackson Kaujevo Centre Okahandja, the Okahandja Municipal Council and the Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia (BENN) to continue the success story. This is part of RMB’s corporate social investment drive in Namibia.
Altogether forty-six children (31 boys and 15 girls) presented themselves with signed indemnity forms at the Nau-Aib event for registration. In stark contrast to the event held in Omuthiya, 34 children already knew how do ride a bike (compared to only 4 in Omuthiya) and we were thus looking forward to a little fun competition.
“Although our role was to encourage the kids, the determination and never-give-up attitude these kids displayed was inspiring and taught us a thing or two about facing our own obstacles,” said RMB CSI Chairman Ray Auala.
All the children received a certificate of participation and medals were handed out to the riders who finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the final races. The parents expressed their support and gratitude towards the sponsors and the organizers of the event.
Eight bicycles were handed over to the school (Nau-Aib Primary School) and they will continue to train and build on the foundations laid during this eventful weekend.
“RMB CSI Committee members were humbled by the experience and would strongly recommend that staff members, and the public at large, actively involve themselves with these programmes,” concluded Aula.

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