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Wage agreement includes land for houses

Wage agreement includes land for houses

In a landmark wage agreement, local gold miner B2Gold has reached an agreement with its employees to help them obtain their own land under the Assisted Home Ownership Scheme. This week B2Gold announced that all employees in the A to C band at its Otjikoto mine near Otjiwarongo can join the scheme. The mine will absorb the cost of the infrastructure development in Otjiwarongo and Otavi and avail serviced erven to the relevant employees. The mine further guarantees 20% of the value of a housing bond at selected financial institutions and employees will earn the ownership of the property at the rate of 20% per year. After five years they will have full ownership of the erf. This unique provision formed part of the general annual wage agreement between B2Gold and the Mine Workers Union of Namibia. Witnessing the formalities are, from the left, Bobby Mbeeli (HR/IR Superintendent: Otjikoto), Gerson Shipena (Assistant General Manager: Otjikoto), Mark Dawe (Managing Director, B2Gold Namibia), Kenneth Nguvauva (MUN Branch Chairperson), Poko-key Mberiuana (MUN Branch Secretary), Melvile Kazondunge (MUN Branch Treasurer), Henock Iipinge (MUN Branch Information and Publicity).

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