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Where is our humanity?

Where is our humanity?

Once again we are approaching our ‘peace time’ meaning Independence time. It is indeed a very proud time on my calendar, as it signifies a time of freedom much sought after. We should observe a moment of silence to think back of all the freedom fighters that lost their precious lives for us today to be in a free and independent country.
With all that being said, an independent country is all about freedom; freedom of speech, expression and association as enshrined in the constitution.
The thing is, we are busy with celebratory preparations, one cannot help but think where all of societies troubles are leading us to. One would swear that it is illegal to help somebody that is being robbed or attacked in broad daylight.
Often times, some people just simply observe these incidents, even going to the extent of pulling out their smartphones to record these events and subsequently post on social media. I understand that it is not always easy to become involved in helping to deal with an altercation , especially if you are not aware of the circumstances or maybe in the event of where a robbery is taking place because you too fear for your life as you do not know what weapon the robber might have, but as we all know there is something we can all do, like reporting the said incident anonymously if need be.
I once came across an incident in Eveline Street somewhere in Katutura, where a taxi driver was being robbed by more than five men. They took anything that they could find, beat up the driver and then took off and the people who had observed the incident just passed by as if it was the norm without coming to the aid of the taxi driver.
On another occasion, a lady’s cellphone was snatched after her assailants hit her on the head. I often wonder, why are we doing all these kinds of things to innocent people? I am of the opinion society has made us believe that such occurrences are a norm or should be taken lightly, but in reality it should be taken as serious as possible.
There are many reasons why some culprits are doing these crimes, but really when will it end? We cannot go on living like this. Somewhere, somehow it should come to an end. Colonialism brought us together, today amidst so many social injustices we tend to steer away from each other, slowly loosing affection for one another.
Namibia is supposed to be a country with peace and yet for a country that 95% of population said to be Christians, we really should be enjoying our peace in our Mother Land. And as Christians, we should fear the Lord our God and abstain from these evil doings. By now we are all aware of the difference between right and wrong, the consequences that comes with all the wrongs yet we continue practising doing the wrong things. It is almost as if we itch to do these wrong deeds. I know that one should not judge the one another but really it is getting out of line by the day.
Lastly, Independence fever is rising up. Let us stay united as a peaceful Namibian Nation. If we cannot do it for ourselves, let us do it for the love of our beautiful country and for the memories of those great freedom fighters that lost their lives for us to have freedom today.

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