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Political Correctness is awful

Political Correctness is awful

Personally, I do not believe in censorship. Even if the truth hurts. I believe that one should not shy away from expressing oneself just because ‘it is the right thing to do.’ The right thing to do is never the fair thing to do, in fact it puts us at the centre of perpetuating the very same issues we want to overcome, especially when it comes to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and physical ability, amongst others.
These are issues that should not be expressed with political correctness in mind. Politically correct rules have the authority to put a gag order in our society, and they make it difficult for us to understand different perspectives, viewpoints, feelings, and life experiences of others. When it comes to expression, I do not believe in sacrifice. Sacrifices usually take out so much energy from the person doing it, because it is within that process you give up on something you felt strongly about just to make possibility for something which comes with more social approval.
My point is everybody should have an understanding between each other as members from different social norms and statuses, but we cannot achieve that if we continue to make life about our feelings, fears, aspirations, anxieties, assumptions, hopes, worries, dreams, and concerns. If we cannot talk about differences that confuses us, or things we are curious about, without fear of being offensive, we are being perpetrators of our own disunity.
Political correct rules is the driving force behind obstruction of your social media feeds with warnings to use the right buzzword and policing of great literature. Blogger, Umair Haque was quoted saying: “The real problem with political correct rules is that it is doing precisely what it claims not to: it is stunting, not expanding human potential. From defiantly accepting precisely the moral obligations, the earth-shaking challenges, that matter most in the world today.”
I concur, Political correctness does more harm than good and it is time that we move away from it, for the greater good of our society and individual relief from being pressured by social norms that are ‘right.’
The issue of political correctness has changed many people into thinking they should not challenge unfit situations, which is somehow denying them a basic human right: Freedom of expression. It is funny how we as people run around complaining loudmouth about how we are denied of our freedom to express ourselves while we throw political correctness at others. Everything has become so uptight, even the way you poop! Like, can we not let people express themselves without the fear that it might be wrong to express themselves.
I know that my opinion on this might get some people to think that I encourage issues like racism, homophobia, religious wars, shamming and whatnot. On the contrary, I believe if we find a way to live with these issues, we will be able to understand each other more. Always looking for the sensitive part of an issue will keep us at war with each other. Issues pertaining religion, sexual orientation, race or physical ability have proven to be hard-to-overcome. Mainly because of political correctness. Think about it.

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