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Bus service for students closer to reality

The University of Namibia has completed its student transport survey. The survey which was completed last month will determine the key stakeholders’ next move in the implementation of the student bus services.
Student Representative Council ( SRC) president, Edison Nengola, said the outcome of the survey is very encouraging as more than 5200 students took part in the survey. He further said that the outcome of the survey has been sent to the Ministry of Education as well as to the City of Windhoek who are joint partners in the student bus services project.
The survey is part of UNAM students’ campaign to get bus services, as some of them have long complained about absorbent taxi fares. Some students also live as far as Katutura and often have to wait for hours before they find a taxi that can take them home.
Last year, the university’s student leaders met with Deputy Minister of Education, David Namwandi to discuss the grievances of the students. The City of Windhoek set a N$40 million budget for the purchase of buses to serve students from the University of Namibia, the Polytechnic of Namibia and the International University of Management (IUM).
Nengola concluded that now that the survey is complete, the students can look forward to the implementation of the bus services that they have long waited for.

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