“Bottom-up” decentralisation as NIPAM, NID partner

The Namibia Institute of Public Administration & Management (NIPAM) and the Namibia Institute of Democracy (NID) entered into a partnership agreement on Friday the 26th of February.
The objective of the partnership is to increase informed interaction between elected leaders and government institutions on the local and regional levels, civil society groups and the public on issues regarding public policy and rural development, in order to ensure poverty reduction through meaningful “bottom-up” decentralisation.
The partnership also aims to consolidate the existing partnership between the NID, the NIPAM, the Ministry of Regional and Local Government and Housing and Rural Development, the Association for Local Authorities in Namibia (ALAN), the Association for Regional Councils in Namibia (ARC), the National Association of Local Authority Officials (NALAO) and various rurally based Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).The focal point of activities will be to address the capacity development needs of the Regional Development Coordinating Committees (RDCC), Local Authority Development Coordinating Committees (LADCC), Constituency Development Coordinating Committees (CDCC) and Settlement Development Committees (SDC).
The NID and NIPAM will act as partners to offer training to Regional Councils, Local Authorities and Development Committees with the support and assistance of the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD).
One of the capacity development programmes to be offered under this agreement is the training of Councillors in Local Economic Development and NIPAM in the next few weeks.

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