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Trade Directory@ 25

Trade Directory@ 25

The Trade Directory celebrated its 25th birthday at the Opera House this week. Having been at the forefront of marketing Government’s information campaign to market the country and its products to potential investors.
The celebration was a sign of how far the Trade Directory has progressed in information dissemination to the private sector.
The Minister of Industrialisation, Trade & SME Development, said during his speech that the partnership between the publication and the Ministry dates back to its initial conception in 1990 as the then Ministry of Trade and Industry.
Namibia Trade Directory also saw a change in leadership as Elmarie van Rensburg was introduced as the new Project Manager for the publication. Her former successor Kelly Beukes had been with the publication for the last 7 years.
During her introduction speech van Rensburg said she is looking forward to taking on this new role as there are many exciting projects, as well as additions to the website that will increase exposure and members benefits.
The late Paul Van Schalkwyk,s fine art aerial photography was hung at the venue in his honour as the initiator of the Namibia Trade Directory

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