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Hangana reach consensus with Union

Hangana reach consensus with Union

Hangana Seafood, a subsidiary of the O&L Group, has reached and signed a substantive agreement with the Namibia Food and Allied Workers Union (NAFAU) on behalf of the Hangana Seafood workforce.
“Negotiations lasted for at least six months before an agreement was reached”, said Werner Swartz, Human Capital Manager at Hangana Seafood.
“The negotiations went well. We had to address some pending issues of the past that resulted in a longer negotiation period. We are proud and humbled to share a sound and healthy relationship with NAFAU which I believe contributed to both parties reaching this agreement harmoniously. The platform that was established during negotiations gave an opportunity for all pending issues to be addressed, which is something we all are very happy about,” Swartz added.
“In line with the Group purpose of ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’, Hangana Seafood is committed to contribute as far as possible to bettering the livelihoods of our employees. Without our employees’ valued commitment, our company would not exist,” Swartz concluded.
The Acting General Secretary of NAFAU, Jacob Penda said: “We are very happy with the agreement that was reached with Hangana Seafood and its employees who will receive a 7% salary increase across the board, with other employment benefits and conditions of employment. The parties have also agreed to permanently appoint 300 temporary workers over the next three years”.

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