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Wildlife resorts ushers in new board

Wildlife resorts ushers in new board

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) on Thursday announced the appointment of its new Board of Directors, which will be chaired by Ambassador. Haroldt /Urib.

The new board will see Dr. Bianca Tjizumaue serve as the Deputy Chairperson. Other members of the board include Mr. Coenraad Coetzee, Dr. Erling Kavita, Mr. Sam Januarie, Ms. Nadrie Lahner, and Ms. Yvette Nambahu.

Dr. Matthias Ngwangwama, the Managing Director of NWR, expressed his happiness with the recruitment of the new board and wished the outgoing board members well.

He also highlighted some of the achievements of the previous board, including NWR realising a profit for the first time in 2019 and steering the company out of the Covid storm, amongst others.

The new board members brings with them a wealth of experience and expertise, and NWR is confident that they will provide excellent leadership and guidance to the company. With their guidance, NWR will continue to grow and expand, offering world-class services and experiences to its customers.

On his part, the new Board Chairperson, Mr. Haroldt /Urib, is excited about his appointment. “I do look forward to working together with the NWR team to help grow the organisation’s business, an important player in the tourism industry of Namibia” he said.

NWR meanwhile looks forward to working closely with the new board to continue providing exceptional service to its customers while promoting Namibia as a premier tourism destination.


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