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Down children splash 2016 calendar

Down children splash 2016 calendar

A 2016 calendar released this week by the Down Syndrome Association of Namibia shows Down Syndrome children in all their spectacular adaptability, taking part in a range of everyday activities.
The calendar is a colourful reminder to show so-called normal people, just how capable Down syndrome children are. It is the first-ever Namibian calendar to focus specifically on children with a handicap.
The close-up images in the calendar portray young Namibians with Down syndrome in action while learning – at school, in music class, on the sports field and in the workshop of a gold smith.
Photographer Willem Vrey closely follows the theme of the 2016 calendar “We can learn”. The result is an attractive series of photos that convincingly reflect that people with Down syndrome can learn.
“With the love and support from teachers, family and friends Down syndrome does not stand in the way of learning how to read, write, play music, work on the computer, play soccer or to craft Christmas decorations” the association said in a statement announcing the launch of the calendar.
“The Down Syndrome Association would like to see all Namibians with the syndrome to be included in the education system, one way or the other” it stated.
“We support the Ministry of Education in the implementation of its 2013 Inclusive Education Policy. However, implementation of this policy is challenging and progress has been slow” the association cautioned.
“We hope the Down syndrome 2016 calendar will encourage educators, decision-makers, politicians and parents to embrace inclusive education with renewed energy, making sure that Namibians with Down will learn – because they can!”
The association announced it will distribute the calendar free of charge to organizations active in education, health and disability support. Private individuals are requested to pay a token N$100 for every calendar as a contribution to support the work of the association. The calendar can be ordered by sending an email request to [email protected]

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