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Same old same old

Same old same old

By Ogone Tlhage The start of a new year is usually marked with promises to change. Resolutions are drawn up, gym memberships sky rocket and pledges to never ever experience Janu”worry” blues are made. 355 days later and the cycle repeats itself.
I believe the same holds true for the country and its politics, whatever way you choose to define them. Starting off in January we can be sure to witness another pledge by our president, H.E Dr. Hage Geingob to eradicate poverty through a speech which will be broadcast on the national radio and television stations. Not really motivating but who really cares right? Most of us just want to get through Janu”worry”, civil servants flood cash loans in their thousands much to the ire of the Bank of Namibia and NAMFISA and taxi drivers are surprisingly still well mannered, well up until the 20th at least.
Farmers are probably holding prayer meetings because of yet another disappointing start to the year and the MVA Fund concedes that it could have done better to prevent accidents on our roads.
As we march into February and March we get into second gear. Some or other politician would have made the news for corruption, Job Amupanda and old Cobra would amusingly irritate the political elite not long before Parliament opens for the 26th time.
Although the official opposition, the DTA in over 26 years would still not have made an impact to be taken seriously by SWAPO, the opposition still appears fragmented, the budget speech will be read in which treasury would promise to reign in spending.
Moving onto the winter months and by now the farmers would surely have given up on a good harvest, and NAMFISA by now would still be busy making changes to the highly anticipated FIM Bill.
As we creep out of winter the real show now begins. Nampower will find itself in the dock again over a power project which it will unfairly award to a Chinese/Indian/Swapo controlled interest. By this time you would think any news about Kudu would have died down, a crazy infrastructure project will be announced yet again and the Politics Watch Namibia facebook group will by now be busy with loads of disgruntled commentators.
We’re in October and fast approaching the end of year. As always, the NBC news team will find it appropriate to interview Lukato Martin Lukato again. God-knows what the relevance will be. By this time, its a miracle that Air Namibia has not asked for a bail-out and the rhino death toll would have risen to over 120. Of course, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism would have called a press conference and deny any knowledge of the massacre. Equally, phosphate producers will by now be irritated by the stance adopted by the Ministry for its indecisiveness with regards to the moratorium on marine phosphate mining.
As we end November we still will have no clue who owns Kombat. By this time the Rand would possibly be at ZAR20 to the greenback. The Bank of Namibia would in typical fashion send out a watered down press release which will not touch on the issues of significance and before long the year is gone, just to start the cycle again.

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