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What’s with all the fear?!

What’s with all the fear?!

By Twamanguluka Nambili.

I have always been fascinated with the cause and effects of fear. I would find myself questioning as to why it is that people are so drawn to creating and feeding fear. Over the years, I have realized that this was simply because fear, as sad as it might be, is the most effective tool in manipulating others into doing what you want.

Corporations and Politicians do it all the time, and like fools we (the average citizen) fall for it—giving them exactly what they want. How do you suppose Donald Trump won? Insurance companies feed on fear, fear of the unknown; fear that you may lose someone you love, that you may lose your job, become disabled, get divorced, or die.

Many companies figure out what people fear the most and they may exploit that in their product offerings or their marketing campaigns. So how do you as a consumer keep falling for it? Because unlike the creators of fear, you do not look at all the alternatives (possibilities) because you start believing there is only one way out (forward) and you become a prisoner in your own mind, which makes you very vulnerable to manipulation.

Not all businesses and politicians, however, draw on fear to influence the masses—there are companies that draw on other personality traits such as happiness, ego, curiosity, and the list goes on. However, it is important to understand that such a thing exists, and for you to understand the limit of using or being influenced by fear. I will not speak too much on politics, but I do believe it is okay to use a fear in business—to a limited degree.

Insurance and security companies for example sell products driven by fear, however; the products are not necessarily misleading because houses do get robbed and people do get disabled and cars do crash. I simply advice that for companies and institutions that do use some form of fear in their services or marketing campaigns, don’t take it too far where it will be detrimental to the average citizen.

It’s evident in Namibia, that a large influx of scam churches are especially feeding on people’s desperation and fears to steal money, properties, and in most cases—human dignity. There should be a limit!

Well, I can’t just throw this onto you without giving a solution for the average citizen or consumer; that is, the only way to beat corporate or politically infringed fear, is simply to seek alternatives and not give into fear—to believe that there is another solution other than what is being presented before you.

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