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Young beauty tangles with boxing

Young beauty tangles with boxing

The new years proving to be a good year for the African professional boxing top-dog IBF/Africa as it solidify its public image to promote its brand among Africans and Middle Eastern.
In one of its aggressive move, the Africa’s professional boxing power house IBF/Africa has appointed Namibian beauty Goddess Abigail Kondo as its “Sports Tourism Goodwill Ambassador” 2016.
Abigail comes with style, standard, charisma, beauty and large following among the youths who are the targeted group of IBF/Africa and she brings great values in the fold.
At 20 years, Abigail is a second year student at University of Namibia (UNAM) specializing on Archive Management and she has lined up for the Africa Leadership Scholars Programs (ALSP) that is linked to IBF/Africa.
The ALSP is scholar’s programme aimed at exposing African youths to American educational culture by enrolling them to over 200 universities in the US.
Currently the ALSP is based at the American Honors (AH) a consortium of community colleges in Washington DC that incorporate over 60 others universities colleges across the US.
Abigail Kondo will be the face of IBF/Africa encouraging youths to support the brand and at the same time appearing in various community activities with IBF/Africa’s champions to placate the IBF/Africa brand to the majority of Africa and Middle East.

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