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Gemeiner kiddies play in colour

Gemeiner kiddies play in colour

A small band of Gideon’s warriors, all working for the Pupkewitz Megabuild central branch, descended on Herman Gemeiner pre-primary in Khomasdal in the last week of November, to revamp its playground and to bring a splash of new colour to the kindergarten’s most favourite corner.
The upgrading of the playground is part of the final phase of a project led by the staff of Megabuild’s central branch, in close consultation with the school’s board of directors and a contracted developer. The projects took just over three months to complete.
School principal Mrs. Jani van Greunen said that it is the first time in 20 years that a private company took ownership of the entire project through their energetic involvement.
According to Jaco Scholtz, Branch Manager of Pupkewitz MegaBuild Central, it is better to give than to receive: “I believe this initiative will be a blessing to the learners and the school for years to come. We are not interested in just handing over material, but as employees we participate with our hearts and hands to make a difference” he said.
Learners welcomed Pieter Bamm, the Contracts Sales Manager and his team from the Windhoek Central branch: Klaus Johr, Delarey Coetzee, Randolf van Wyk, Ester Apollous, Eva Visagie, Joey Fisher, Meiring Kuns and Ngondi Kavendja with a short drama performance to the amusement of all present. Thereafter, the children and their Megabuild benefactors teamed up to paint road safety signs on the assembly area, to help the children to learn through play. The striking appearance of the refurbished playground also helps the kindergarten kiddies to have a sense of pride in their new environment.
The day ended with refreshments and a goodie-bag for all learners and teachers.
Renovations to the interior and exterior of the four classroom establishment included the painting of walls and epoxy floors; sign writing; fitting and painting of ceilings; the repair of the toilet facilities; the construction of an assembly area and the fitting of fire fighting equipment on the premises to ensure a safe environment and compliance to health and safety requirements.
The renovation material provided by Pupkewitz MegaBuild Central amounted to N$105,000 plus N$12,000 for products and labour provided by its supplier, Neo Paints.

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