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RDP stages protest

The opposition political parties which challenged the 2009 general election results as well as civic organisations will host a peaceful protest march on Saturday, 21 April. The march will start at the Independence Arena along Hans Dietrich Genscher Street in Katutura at 10:00 and will conclude at the Supreme Court. A petition will be handed over to the Court’s Registrar or a representative.
According to the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), the march is in protest to the Supreme Court’s seemingly indecisiveness to pass a judgement in the case.
The opposition party said six months after the case was heard in that Court – the case was heard from 3 to 5 October 2011 – judgement should have been passed already.
“More particularly when we attach the importance that this case was heard on an urgent basis, six months is more than sufficient to pass a verdict. We want to believe that the judges by now have completed their verdict.
“It must be pointed out that the unreasonable delay of the verdict will not only undermine the rule of law and justice for all, but will also compromise the integrity of the judiciary in Namibia,” the RDP said in a statement.
According to the party, Namibians across all political divides have run out of patience.
“It was always our understanding that the verdict will be delivered during the first session of this year (January – March). Contrary to our expectations, the Supreme Court went on recess on 13 April 2012, without delivering the verdict. Therefore the applicants have decided to deliver a petition to send a clear message to the judiciary and the executive branches of government that the Namibians no longer tolerate people who are bend to disrespect the authority and independence of the judiciary,” the RDP said.

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