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Inebriated by money and greed

In 2011 and 2012, Chinese investments in Namibia grew by US$179 million and in 2013, China’s total investment in Namibia stood at US$3,9 billion.

The Germans in 2014 so far have injected close to N$10 billion into the government and non-governmental development programmes like the Deutsche Gesellschaft fűr Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and they seem keen to further invest in the country according to Namibia’s aid for trade and framework strategy 2013-14 report.
On that note Namibia is the 34th largest country in the world with a population of about 2.2 million and is said to be a high middle income country with an estimated annual GDP per capital of US$5,828. Despite having a fair balance of figures and investments, figures from the labour force survey 2013 show that we are still stuck at 29% unemployment of which 41% of the youth constitute the bulk of the unemployed.
This in my eyes proves that Namibia still faces extreme inequalities as there is a huge gap between the rich the poor, income distribution and the standard of living.
The government since independence have pursued a free-market economic principles designed to promote commercial development and job creation to bring disadvantaged people into the economic mainstream.
To facilitate this goal, the government has actively courted donor assistance but only a small minority of locals seem to be reaping the benefits. Are we not equal or what?.I thought us as Namibians we were supposed to share in that wealth and get to reap the fruits of it, but in fact the fat cats keep sucking every tender cent out and they get to stuff their wallets for incomplete jobs.
These fat cats keep getting fatter and the poor remain poor despite the fact that all Namibians are supposed to share the wealth.
It revolts and exasperates me when people are so self entitled and adopt an attitude of every man for himself and God for us all notion. The rich are comfortable in their mansions and sleep with full bellies while in the locations some go to sleep in their cold shacks on a cardboard with empty stomachs.
Why is it that we have lost the true meaning of sharing and the spirit of Ubuntu which includes qualities that are essential human virtues like compassion and humanity and caring for your fellow human. It seems like everyone wants a piece of the wealthy pie we and has inebriated by money and greed.
It is hard to believe Namibia at 25 years with all the wealth we have like our natural resources, tourism and foreign investors flocking to our land that there is a large majority that does not even realise the countries full potential that could be beneficial to all.
Even though our government has played an immense role in bringing change especially in eradicating poverty which has been the country’s longest enemy.
Truth be told we would not even have to be fighting poverty today if every rich man and woman in the country and all the foreign investors actually started to share their wealth sincerely, everyone would start enjoying the fruits of what this beautiful country has to offer and genuinely get to enjoy the true meaning if independence freedom and prosperity that our fathers and mothers fought for so hard without having to worry about basic sanitation and where the next meal will come from.

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