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Construction of new Feedmaster mill on track

The new Feedmaster mill is expected to be complete by October. (Photograph contributed)Feedmaster reports that construction of its new feed mill, estimated to cost N$75 million, is on track. The new state-of-the-art feed mill will produce feed for the broiler industry, layer (eggs) and pig industries. André Snyman, managing director at Feedmaster, says the commissioning of the new feed mill is expected to take place in October 2012.
“I am also pleased to announce an upgrade at the current feed mill,” confirms Snyman. He explains that this investment will boost the capacity at the current ruminant feed mill enabling Feedmaster to meet and even exceed the needs of their clients. The upgrade will take place as a phased process and completion is estimated at the end of 2013.
The new dedicated monogastric feed mill is being constructed on Farm Otjihavera just north of the NPI broiler farm (Okapuka Farm).
“The capacity at the new feed mill will be 10 000 tons per month. In addition, at least 40 new jobs will be created at the new feed mill,” states Snyman.
The current Feedmaster plant will become a specialist ruminant feed factory. The current feed mill has been complying with ISO 9000 and ISO 22000, since 2007. In essence, this certification also makes the Feedmaster mill compliant to European Union (EU) standards.
“The upgrade of the current feed mill will enable Feedmaster to enlarge its market share in the ruminant market (cattle and small stock),” says Snyman.
With the new feed mill on its way, Feedmaster’s total annual production volume will grow to 136 000 tons per annum. “The ruminant sector will still form 75% of the total annual feed output and therefore, this sector will remain strategically important to Feedmaster,” emphasises Snyman.
Feedmaster is a subsidiary of the NMI Group. The company was founded in 1983 as a small feed milling operation with the purpose of adding value to available milling by-products. Today, together with its mixing unit in Upington, Feedmaster produces a wide range of technologically advanced animal feeds, with an annual output in excess of 90 000 tons.

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