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Feasibility study on national archives almost complete

Renovations at the National Archives’ building haven’t started as yet. But according to Veno Kauaria, director of Namibian Libraries and Archive Services, people who are in charge of the library as well as the architects are working hard to ensure that the renovations commence soon.
Hugo Scheepers, general manager at Hugo Scheeper Architects, said that the company has completed  approximately 85% of the feasibility study and expect to have the draft report by the end of next week and a final draft report a week later.
Asked when the renovations are likely to start, he said that first priority items could start sometime in May, depending on when and how the Ministry of Works and Transport decides to phase and prioritise implementation.
Scheepers further said that the renovations involve a multitude of disciplines,which are all to be coordinated and integrated into a single response to avoid ad -hoc decisions and actions which would lead to abortive work.
The company first has to complete the master renovation proposal according to the Ministry’s prioritisation. Only when the Ministry makes an informed decision on the implementation of the renovation work would renovations take place.
The building is still open to the public despite having many problems.

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