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Wesbank flies FP du Toit livery

Wesbank flies FP du Toit livery

The merger between transport giants, FP du Toit and Walvis Bay-based Wesbank Transport, earlier this year created one of the biggest transport conglomerates in southern Africa with combined annual revenue exceeding N$750 million.
The former Wesbank Transport, now operating under the FP du Toit banner, is the only carrier that provides specialised transport for hazardous cargo destined to and from mining operations in the Erongo Region.
Based in Walvis Bay and with depots in Windhoek, Johannesburg and Cape Town. The FP du Toit group of companies has gained international cyanide certification. The outfit is also registered with the National Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) as an approved carrier for radioactive materials. The carrier is subject to inspections by authorised personnel as well as the NRPA to ensure compliance with prescribed standards and safety procedures. With a combined staff compliment of 1000 employees. FP du Toit and Wesbank currently supply three of the large mining groups, transporting chemicals such as sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and peroxide. According to Short Haul Manager, Corné Kruger, the merging of Wesbank and FP du Toit was a smooth transition since the operations of the two companies complement each other. “It’s been three months since the new General Manager, Johan Coetzee’s appointment” he said.
Pneumatic tankers and trailers handled by certified and specially trained operators ensure that hazardous material reaches its destination safely. In the event of a chemical spill, Wesbank Transport’s fleet also has an emergency trailer equipped with specialised equipment.
“The mere fact that 80% of the employees are working for 8 years and longer is an indication that they are the most valued asset of the company,” Kruger said adding that since Wesbank Transport was bought by FP du Toit Transport and is now part of the FP du Toit Group, operations have not been influenced at all except for branding changes that are currently in progress.” “Wesbank Transport has grown its container volumes from 800 to about 3000 containers a month in the last five years with a market share of 62% in Walvis Bay alone.” The company is also the only transport company permitted to transport uranium, Kruger said. The uranium price drop had a large influence as the volumes transported dropped tremendously. The arrival of other transport companies in Walvis Bay because of its proximity to the port also reduced volumes for a few months, Kruger added. “Since Wesbank Transport is now not just doing transport only, but consolidation, distribution, logistics and storage services, warehousing and material handling, companies realized that it’s better doing business with companies who provide fast, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and quality service” he said.

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