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President Hage a beacon of hope – Walvis Bay NCCI

President Hage a beacon of hope – Walvis Bay NCCI

The Walvis Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) acknowledge that when President Hage Geingob assumed presidency earlier in the year, one of his prime fundamental ideologies was the explicit war on poverty coupled with transparent governance and an administration open to criticism.
The positive footsteps in President Geingob’s journey are showing clearly close to nine months into his leadership and we further acknowledge that under his astute and progressive leadership, we have a bright future ahead.
Democratically elected governments are accountable to voters and their processes are open to public scrutiny. Policymakers and researchers focus their attention on the importance of government transparency for accountability and good governance, the demand for greater conceptual clarity and authoritative measures of government transparency increases. Transparency advocates that greater access to government information is essential to greater accountability and improved quality of government in the long term.
President Hage Geingob and First Lady Monica Geingos, public assets declaration should serve as an outstanding show of transparency that adds clarity and accountability to a Democratic system.
President Geingob has been strong on his vision for the future of Namibia, as expressed in terms of the “Namibian house” analogy which was set out in a number of strong and well- articulated speeches such as the State of the Nation address earlier in the year.
The performance agreements implemented by our Government including Municipality Councillors will assist the Government in ensuring that the ministerial activities are aligned with the policy objectives and that there are clear performance targets to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of progress in meeting agreed targets of the Government.
Indeed the performance management system is critical to improve government performance, transparency and accountability and it must be fully embraced by all.
Accountability and service delivery implies that leaders, managers and top officials carry out their duties effectively in order to achieve the stated goals of their various offices, Ministries and Agencies and this is pivotal for the development of our nation as a whole.
We believe President Geingob’s performance should be portrayed as a beacon of hope to the drive against poverty because of his genuine desire to see up-liftment of the underprivileged.
The Walvis Bay Branch of NCCI supports President Geingob for declaring war on poverty and strongly encourages business establishments who are willing and able to support our President in his action by contributing from N$ 250,000 to N$1,000 000 each to raise the N$600 million, which can be available to assist in the war against poverty.
Walvis Bay Branch of the NCCI.

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