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Sustainable Development Council inaugurated

Sustainable Development Council inaugurated

The Sustainable Development Advisory Council was put in effect this week Wednesday by the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Hon Pohamba Shifeta at the ministry’s headquarters in Windhoek.
The minister also re-appointed the Sustainable Development Advisory Council for another 3 years on the same day.
The Council is financially supported by the GIZ and has commissioned the oversight of the development of a second National Integrated State of the Environment Report.
The Council members undertook a fact-finding mission to communal conservancies in the Erongo and Kunene Regions to look into the on-the-ground challenges and opportunities facing the community.
“I am looking forward to the recommendations from this mission and for the Council to contribute in terms of how we can enhance the viability of this Programme for it to further improve the livelihoods of the people in our rural areas.” said Shifeta.
Members to the Council are appointed by the minister, representing government interests and organisations concerned with environmental factors. Members to the council are also appointed to serve for three years with re-appointment possible at the end of the term.
Appointed members of the Sustainable Development Advisory Council are Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Environment and Tourism; Dr. Malan Lindeque as Chairperson of the Council. Deputy Chairperson of the Council; Ms. Martha Naanda. Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry; Sophie Kasheeta. Ms. Kasheeta replaces Ms. Anna Shiweda from Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry after becoming a Member of Parliament in March.
Deputy Chief National Development Adviser in the National Planning Commission, Ms. Annely Haiphene. Director of the Geological Survey at the Ministry of Mines and Energy; Dr. Gabriele Schneider. Youth Representative; Mr. Sioni Iikela. Executive Director of Sustainable Solutions Trust, Dr. Chris Brown and Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME development, Dr. Michael Humavindu and Mr. Teofilus Nghitila, Environmental Commissioner and Ex-Officio member. The Environmental Commissioner is an ex officio member of the Council, but may not vote at its meetings.

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