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Brewer and Butcher best of both worlds

The ‘Brewer & Butcher’ restaurant

Situated at the Swakopmund Mole as one of the three exquisite restaurants of the Strand Hotel Swakopmund that opened doors to the public a fortnight ago, the Brewer & Butcher estaurant is a rich blend of Namibian and German culture.

This first rate restaurant specializing in beef and game is accompanied by an authentic German beer garden and a cosy terrace and lounge that faces the Atlantic Ocean. Even more exciting about this new unique addition to the restaurant experience in the country, is Namibia’s first in-house micro-brewery, the Swakopmund Brewing Company which hosts the Brewer & Butcher.
With the brewing machinery imported from Germany, at least three different beers will be brewed on site by qualified Brewmaster, Stephan Koepp, who specializes in craft brewing. NBL Brewmaster Christian Mueller is confident that the Brewer & Butcher will provide for beer lovers an unforgettable experience.
Christian: “We brew the beer here and dependent on customer demand we could actually change recipes and adapt our brews to address the needs of our consumers by for example adding more hops or barley to adjust bitterness to the taste profile of our visitors.”
Through the Strand Hotel’s commitment to freshness, the environment and to Namibia at large, most cuts at the Brewer & Butcher are from free range, authentic Namibian beef and game.
Executive Chef at the Strand Hotel, Dallas Orr brings his world-class experience to the restaurant, and incorporates genuine Namibian animal proteins into German, Namibian and other outstanding world recipes.
In embracing Namibia’s roots, the Brewer & Butcher welcomes a German feel to its interior design, while the dining and lounge area is lightened up with a fireplace for cosiness.

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