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Eurowings comes to the land of the brave

Eurowings comes to the land of the brave

Low-cost airline, Eurowings this week commenced with its Namibia route. According to a statement from their office, an almost fully booked, Airbus A330 aircraft departed from Cologne/Bonn’s Konrad-Adenauer airport punctually on 12 July at 22:55 and touched down in after about ten and a half hours of flight time.

Eurowings in the statement said, in future, the route will be operated every Wednesday and Sunday, then from 9 October, the Sunday flight from Cologne to Windhoek will change to Monday.

Eurowings’ long-haul flights are more than 90% booked. As a result, the low-cost long-haul offering is a success story that the airline will continue to expand sustainably in the future.

With the expansion of long-haul from Munich, flights can now be booked from southern Germany to Windhoek online at The first flight from Munich departs in May 2018.

Meanwhile, the airline also has additional connecting flights from many German and European airports in its offering, enabling travellers from other regions to benefit from Eurowings‘ competitive prices. Smart Connect flights can be booked from Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, Vienna, London/Stansted and London/Heathrow.

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