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Carol-Jean Rechter of Joe’s Beerhouse Restaurant

Carol-Jean Rechter

Business Owner
Carol-Jean Rechter
Managing Director
Company, institution or business
Joe’s Beerhouse


Joe’s Beerhouse is the most famous restaurant in Namibia with a seating capacity of 580 persons, open 7 days a week catering mainly to tourists (70%) yet also meeting expectations of locals. Catering to large groups is a core part of the restaurant.
This business requires high demand on hospitality skills but the additional challenge is that the restaurant is operated on a corporate level which is not common among privately-owned restaurants.
“In my position of MD, I am in charge of almost every decision and carry the responsibility of keeping the entity profitable. My responsibilities include oversight of the financial standing, decision-taking on financial and operational level, guiding HR matters to the extent of training and initiating motivational mechanisms, driving sales through marketing and creating additional events, and attending to guests as a hostess as well as providing input concerning the menu and its design.”
“Three years ago in 2012, my husband and I were approached by the Stimulus Group whether we were interested in buying Joe’s Beerhouse from them, which we did. We felt honoured that they approached us and we were told that they considered us capable, having a long-established good reputation in the hospitality industry. After three years in my position as Managing Director of Joe’s Beerhouse, I am proud to confirm that Joe’s Beerhouse is doing extremely well today.”
“By having regular weekly meetings on various management levels I have been able to provide guidance to the 110 employees and establish better communication right down to the lowest level and I also have deep insight into every part of the operation.”
“Being an iconic attraction of Namibia, we carry the responsibility to ensure and maintain our brand identity on a national and international level. Therefore, service expectations are high and marketing strategies require a lot of attention. Folklore has it that ‘you have not been to Namibia if you have not been to Joe’s.’ “
Diploma in Higher Education from the Windhoek Teachers Training College (WOK)
“It is fairly easy to find a balance because firstly, I have an extremely supportive husband, to whom I owe my success, being a highly qualified chef. The product that he maintains is the core of the business and on which a lot depends. Secondly, I love my work to which I refer as life and not work. Being at work excites me and very little is too much for me.”

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