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Art for SRT – Taking a stand for conservation

Painting handover to SRT – (From left)Wolfgang Grellmann: Westair Aviation and SRT Trustee, Linus Malherbe, artist and Kelvin van Wyk, DHL couriers.

It will take a global effort to save the rhino, and the work starts at home.
“We all have an obligation to save our Rhinos and our generation might be the last to be able to do so,” stressed Linus Malherbe, a Windhoek based artist and architect who donated a stunning painting entitled Mother and Child II to Save the Rhino Trust (SRT).

He added, “This is the only way I can help and I wish more Namibians would take a stand.”
And more Namibians did. To make the most of this donation, SRT Trustee, Wolfgang Grellmann and Gustav Holz from Westair Aviation, long-term supports of SRT, contacted DHL to transport the piece from Windhoek to London for a special charity event.
DHL Windhoek, Johannesburg and Europe all agreed to support rhino conservation by transporting the piece to London free of charge.
Another Namibian, Christian von Scheliha from Jensen H Tischlerei stepped forward to support the efforts to save our rhino, by constructing and donating a special box to protect the painting during its transportation.
The artwork will be auctioned at the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s gala charity event, Dinner and Dancing at the Dorcester, on Friday, October 9th. All proceeds from the sale of this piece will be donated to SRT as part of the DSWF’s ongoing support to rhino conservation in Namibia.
What started with the kind donation of a very special piece of art to SRT turned into an effort by many to support the protection of rhinos.

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