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Kandetu communications chief

Bob Kandetu, new communications chief at TrustcoThe Trustco Group has appointed Bob Kandetu as head of corporate communications with a seat on the Group Exco forum. He joins the Executive Committee of this fast emerging multi-national company with effect 1 April 2012.
Kandetu will take responsibility for the management of all external communications of the Trustco Group and will serve the company as strategic advisor on corporate communications and liaison with key stakeholders and institutions.
He joined the group in July 2011 as chief executive officer of the Informante Newspaper, after serving as director general of the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation for two and a half years. Kandetu was among the founding civil servants where he served the state as Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information for three years, before moving to the University of Namibia as founding Dean of Students, a position he held for 10 years.
In acceptance of his appointment, Kandetu said: ‘It moves me for the Trustco Group to trust me in this way from a pool of more qualified professionals. I promise to give only my best.”
When he announced the appointment, Quinton Van Rooyen, Group managing director said: “We think that we can utilise Uncle Bob more effectively in this way. One of the challenges of corporate Namibia is not so much what we do, but how we communicate the thrust of our efforts and their results to our customers, beneficiaries and to the public at large. That is where we regard his experience to be of utmost value addition.”

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