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Land occupation to go ahead as planned

The youth movement Affirmative Repositioning (AR) confirmed that they received a letter from Honourable Pendukeni Ivula-Ithana, Chairperson of the SWAPO Party Politburo Committee, requesting to meet with them to discuss the issue of land occupation.

Job Amupanda agreed to attend the meeting, which was slated for the 9th of July. He said, they were going to address the issues that they have with government before the Politburo Committee. Amupanda was reluctant to reveal the exact issues, “if we state what we are going to say now, they will hear about it because they do have spies everywhere,” he said.
Amupanda said they found it unfortunate that the ruling party, having had 8 months from November, chose to only engage AR in the 9th month, in which the youth, on 31 July 2015, intends to occupy land. “Our program of action remain as is, 31 July remains the due date and we encourage our youth to continue submitting their leave or make sure that they get sick, so that they are booked off and they must continue buying their materials such as fencing wire, poles etc, to demarcate their plots,” announced Amupanda.
He also announced that they have informed their coordinators in towns to start organizing youth meetings and start identifying land that will be occupied. “We also have N$100 000 that will be used as bail money for the landless,” stated Amupanda.
Amupanda was puzzled by how parliamentarians decided to go on a two month holiday while leaving a lot of issues unresolved. “This indicates that the institution that is parliament is not taking the matters seriously,” he emphasised.
Job also touched on the media briefing that the Namibian Police Force will be having on 10 July regarding the AR saying it is to intimidate the youth. “This scaring and intimidating tactics is similar to Apartheid tactics that failed,” emphasised Job. He added that after the Police Force have had their press conference, AR will call their own press conference to restore the confidence of the youth so that they remain unshaken.

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